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Available from 4 May 2020 through 8 June 2020
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Monday, 4 May
09:30 - 13:00
Attend  Tutorial T-1: Machine Learning and Wireless Communications Live followed by On-Demand
Attend  Tutorial T-2: Distributed and Efficient Deep Learning Live followed by On-Demand
Attend  Tutorial T-3: Graph Filters with Applications to Distributed Optimization and Neural Networks Live followed by On-Demand
Attend  Tutorial T-5: Quantum Signal Processing & Communications - a Glimpse beyond Moore's Law Live followed by On-Demand
Attend  Tutorial T-6: Robust Data Science: Modern Tools for Detection, Clustering and Cluster Enumeration Live followed by On-Demand
Attend  Workshop Sony Workshop: AI x Audio: From Research to Production Live followed by On-Demand
14:30 - 18:00
Attend  Tutorial T-7: Signal Processing for MIMO Communications Beyond 5G Live followed by On-Demand
Attend  Tutorial T-8: Adversarial Robustness of Deep Learning Models: Attack, Defense and Verification Live followed by On-Demand
Attend  Tutorial T-9: Graph Neural Networks Live followed by On-Demand
Attend  Tutorial T-10: Biomedical Image Reconstruction—From Foundations to Deep Neural Networks Live followed by On-Demand
Attend  Tutorial T-11: Game theoretic learning and applications to spectrum collaboration Live followed by On-Demand
Attend  Tutorial T-12: Information Extraction in Joint Millimeter-Wave State Sensing and Communications: Fundamentals to Applications Live followed by On-Demand
Attend  Workshop Huawei Workshop: Shaping the vertical industry in 2025 Live followed by On-Demand
Attend  Workshop Mathworks Workshop: Developing Next Generation AI-based Signal Processing Systems using MATLAB & Simulink Live followed by On-Demand
Attend  Workshop Young Professionals Workshop: Navigating Social Media as a Scientist Live followed by On-Demand
16:30 - 18:00
Attend  Signal Processing Cup Competition Live followed by On-Demand
Tuesday, 5 May
09:30 - 10:00
Attend  Plenary Opening Ceremony Live followed by On-Demand
10:00 - 11:00
Attend  Plenary From compressed sensing to deep learning: tasks, structures, and models (Yonina Eldar) Live followed by On-Demand
11:30 - 13:30
Attend  AUD-L1: Music Information Retrieval I On-Demand
Attend  BIO-L1: Bioelectrical Signal Processing On-Demand
Attend  IVMSP-L1: Inverse Problems in Image/Video Processing I On-Demand
Attend  SPE-L1: End-to-end Speech Recognition I: Streaming On-Demand
Attend  SPE-L2: Language Disorders On-Demand
Attend  SPTM-L1: Estimation Theory and Methods I On-Demand
Attend  SPTM-L2: Graph Representations and Analysis On-Demand
Attend  SS SS-L1: Active Control of Acoustic Noise over Spatial Regions On-Demand
Attend  SS SS-L2: Signal Processing Methods for Finance Applications On-Demand
Attend  SS SS-L3: A Signal-Processing View of Graph Neural Networks On-Demand
Attend  AUD-P1: Deep Learning for Audio Classification On-Demand
Attend  AUD-P2: Deep Learning for Speech and Audio On-Demand
Attend  IVMSP-P1: Image/Video Representation On-Demand
Attend  MLSP-P1: Dictionary Learning, Representation Learning and Matrix Completion On-Demand
Attend  MLSP-P2: Applications in Speech and Audio On-Demand
Attend  SAM-P1: Radar and Acoustic Array Processing On-Demand
Attend  SAM-P2: Beamforming, Relaying and Source Separation On-Demand
Attend  SPCOM-P1: Machine Learning for Communcations I On-Demand
Attend  SPE-P1: Adversarial/Discriminative Training and Spoofing for Speaker Recognition On-Demand
Attend  SPE-P2: Speech Enhancement I: Network Architectures On-Demand
Attend  S&T-P1: Show and Tell 1 On-Demand
13:45 - 14:45
Attend  ETON Primer Distributed Machine Learning: A Communications Perspective (Deniz Gunduz) Live followed by On-Demand
Attend  ETON Primer Molecular storage and computing (Olgica Milenkovic) Live followed by On-Demand
15:00 - 16:00
Attend  Plenary Deep Representation Learning (Yoshua Bengio) Live followed by On-Demand
16:00 - 16:30
Attend  Patron Break ASAPP: Breaking New Ground in AI Live
16:30 - 18:30
Attend  AUD-L2: Deep Learning for Source Separation On-Demand
Attend  BIO-L2: Biological Image Analysis On-Demand
Attend  IFS-L1: Multimedia Forensics On-Demand
Attend  MLSP-L1: Adversarial Machine Learning On-Demand
Attend  SPE-L3: End-to-end Speech Recognition II: New Models On-Demand
Attend  SPE-L4: Machine Learning for Language Processing I On-Demand
Attend  SS SS-L4: End-to-End Approaches for Spoken Language Understanding On-Demand
Attend  SS SS-L5: Spike-based Neuromorphic Information Representation, Processing and Learning On-Demand
Attend  SS SS-L6: Machine Learning for Communications II On-Demand
Attend  SS SS-L7: Learning and Optimization in Non-Convex Environments On-Demand
Attend  AUD-P3: Acoustic Environments and Spatial Audio I On-Demand
Attend  DIS-P1: Signal Processing for Emerging Applications: Machine Learning On-Demand
Attend  IVMSP-P2: Image/Video Coding I On-Demand
Attend  IVMSP-P3: Machine Learning For Image/Video Processing I On-Demand
Attend  MLSP-P3: Reinforcement and Sequential Learning On-Demand
Attend  MLSP-P4: Adversarial Attacks and Fast Algorithms On-Demand
Attend  SPE-P3: Machine Learning for Speech Synthesis I On-Demand
Attend  SPE-P4: Speech Analysis and Coding On-Demand
Attend  SPTM-P1: Adaptation and Learning over Graphs On-Demand
Attend  SPTM-P2: Sampling Theory, Analysis and Methods On-Demand
Attend  S&T-P2: Show and Tell 2 On-Demand
16:30 - 17:30
Attend  Industry Keynote From Speech AI to Finance AI and Back Live followed by On-Demand
18:00 - 20:00
Attend  Panel The B5G/6G Challenge – A Race of Enabling Technologies and Design Principles Live followed by On-Demand
Wednesday, 6 May
09:00 - 11:00
Attend  AUD-L3: Acoustic Event Detection On-Demand
Attend  BIO-L3: Signal Processing in Biometrics On-Demand
Attend  SAM-L1: Direction of Arrival Estimation On-Demand
Attend  SPE-L5: Speech Synthesis and Voice Conversion I On-Demand
Attend  SPE-L6: Speech Enhancement II: Single Channel On-Demand
Attend  SPE-L7: Speech Perception and Psychoacoustics On-Demand
Attend  SPTM-L3: Estimation and Detection On-Demand
Attend  SPTM-L4: Optimization Techniques I On-Demand
Attend  SS SS-L8: Recent Advances in Automotive Radar Systems On-Demand
Attend  SS SS-L9: Learning Based Inversion On-Demand
Attend  AUD-P4: Feedback, Noise, and Reverberation On-Demand
Attend  AUD-P5: Music Information Retrieval II On-Demand
Attend  IVMSP-P4: Image/Video Analysis I On-Demand
Attend  IVMSP-P5: Image/Video Interpretation and Understanding On-Demand
Attend  IVMSP-P6: Machine Learning For Image/Video Processing II On-Demand
Attend  MLSP-P5: Applications in Video and Image Processing I On-Demand
Attend  MLSP-P6: Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning On-Demand
Attend  SPE-P5: Deep Speaker Recognition Models On-Demand
Attend  SPE-P6: Speech Recognition: Acoustic Modelling I On-Demand
Attend  SPTM-P3: Signal and Information Processing over Graphs On-Demand
Attend  S&T-P3: Show and Tell 3 On-Demand
Attend  Speaker Session ISS-1: Signal Processing for IoT and DataNet On-Demand
11:30 - 13:30
Attend  AUD-L4: Audio and Speech Source Separation On-Demand
Attend  DIS-L1: Array-based Architectures for Energy-efficient Signal Processing Systems On-Demand
Attend  IVMSP-L2: Image/Video Analysis II On-Demand
Attend  MLSP-L2: Optimization Algorithms I On-Demand
Attend  SPE-L8: Speech Synthesis and Voice Conversion II On-Demand
Attend  SPE-L9: Multimodal Processing of Language On-Demand
Attend  SS SS-L10: Signal Processing for Emerging Wireless Hardware Architectures On-Demand
Attend  SS SS-L11: Neural and Audio Signal Processing for Hearing Devices On-Demand
Attend  SS SS-L12: Machine Learning for Physical Layer Security and Privacy On-Demand
Attend  SS SS-L13: Random Matrix Theory and High-Dimensional Statistical Signal Processing On-Demand
Attend  AUD-P6: Acoustic Sensor Array Signal Processing I On-Demand
Attend  AUD-P7: Audio Classification On-Demand
Attend  BIO-P1: Biomedical Imaging and Analysis On-Demand
Attend  CI-P1: Computational Imaging Method and Applications On-Demand
Attend  SAM-P3: Sparsity, Super-Resolution and Imaging On-Demand
Attend  SAM-P4: Robustness, Decompositions, Calibration and Bounds On-Demand
Attend  SPE-P7: Speech Enhancement III: Hearing Aids and other Applications On-Demand
Attend  SPE-P8: Robust Speech Recognition On-Demand
Attend  SPTM-P4: Sparsity-Aware Processing I On-Demand
Attend  SPTM-P5: Optimization Techniques II On-Demand
Attend  S&T-P4: Show and Tell 4 On-Demand
Attend  Panel Signal Processing for Integrated Terrestrial, Airborne and Satellite Networks Live followed by On-Demand
13:30 - 15:00
Attend  Women in Signal Processing Talk: Radioactive Waste Management: Building models for the future Live followed by On-Demand
13:45 - 14:45
Attend  ETON Primer Decentralized Learning and Optimization (Michael Rabbat) Live followed by On-Demand
Attend  ETON Primer Nonlinear MMSE using Linear MMSE Bricks and Application to Compressed Sensing and Adaptive Kalman Filtering (Dirk Slock) Live followed by On-Demand
Attend  ETON Primer Signal Processing and Machine Learning Challenges in Sound and Music Computing (Xavier Serra) Live followed by On-Demand
15:00 - 16:00
Attend  Plenary Gauss-Fourier-Wiener-Kalman Ensembles for Adaptivity and Robustness (Georgios Giannakis) Live followed by On-Demand
16:00 - 16:30
Attend  Patron Break Q&A with Apple Live
16:30 - 18:30
Attend  AUD-L5: Classification of Acoustic Scenes and Events On-Demand
Attend  IDSP-L1: Signal Processing for Emerging Industry Applications On-Demand
Attend  IFS-L2: Privacy, Biometrics and Information Security On-Demand
Attend  IVMSP-L3: Image Emerging Topics On-Demand
Attend  IVMSP-L4: Machine Learning For Image/Video Processing III On-Demand
Attend  MLSP-L3: Optimization Algorithms II On-Demand
Attend  SAM-L2: MIMO Systems and MIMO Radar On-Demand
Attend  SPCOM-L1: Networks and Resource Allocation On-Demand
Attend  SS SS-L14: Signal Processing and Machine Learning for Satellite and Space Communications On-Demand
Attend  SS SS-L15: Signal Processing and Coding for Macromolecular Storage and Computing On-Demand
Attend  AUD-P8: Source Separation and Array Processing On-Demand
Attend  AUD-P9: Topics in Audio Analysis and Classification On-Demand
Attend  BIO-P2: Biomedical Signal Analysis On-Demand
Attend  HLT-P1: Spoken Language Understanding and Dialogue I On-Demand
Attend  MLSP-P7: Machine Learning Applications I On-Demand
Attend  MLSP-P8: Machine Learning Applications II On-Demand
Attend  MMSP-P1: Signal Processing for Multimedia Applications I On-Demand
Attend  SPE-P9: End-to-end Speech Recognition III: General Topics On-Demand
Attend  SPTM-P6: Sampling, Multirate Signal Processing and Digital Signal Processing On-Demand
Attend  SPTM-P7: Bayesian Signal Processing I On-Demand
Attend  S&T-P5: Show and Tell 5 On-Demand
16:30 - 17:30
Attend  Industry Keynote 6G: From Connected Everything to Connected Intelligence Live followed by On-Demand
17:30 - 18:30
Attend  Industry Keynote Radar Role: From the Underground to Outer Space Live followed by On-Demand
Thursday, 7 May
09:00 - 11:00
Attend  AUD-L6: Acoustic Environments and Spatial Audio II On-Demand
Attend  CI-L1: Computational Imaging On-Demand
Attend  HLT-L1: Spoken Language Translation On-Demand
Attend  SAM-L3: Sparse Arrays and Sparse Sensing On-Demand
Attend  SPE-L10: Speech Recognition: Confidence, Errors and OOVs On-Demand
Attend  SPE-L11: Speech Separation and Extraction I: Single Channel On-Demand
Attend  SPTM-L5: Signal Processing Emerging Topics On-Demand
Attend  SPTM-L6: Tracking and Adaptive Signal Processing On-Demand
Attend  SS SS-L16: Distributed Machine Learning on Wireless Networks On-Demand
Attend  BIO-P3: Neuro Image and Signal Processing On-Demand
Attend  HLT-P2: Speech and Language Analysis On-Demand
Attend  IVMSP-P7: Image/Video Processing I On-Demand
Attend  IVMSP-P8: Inverse Problems in Image/Video Processing II On-Demand
Attend  IVMSP-P9: Image/Video Analysis III On-Demand
Attend  MLSP-P10: Learning Methods On-Demand
Attend  MLSP-P9: Graphical, Kernel and Tensor Methods On-Demand
Attend  SPCOM-P2: Modulation, Detection and Decoding On-Demand
Attend  SPE-P10: Speaker Diarization and Characterization On-Demand
Attend  SPE-P11: Emotion On-Demand
Attend  S&T-P6: Show and Tell 6 On-Demand
Attend  Speaker Session ISS-2: Computational Sensing and Vision Technology in Industry On-Demand
11:00 - 11:30
Attend  Patron Break Hear From Alexa Scientists – FAQs About Working At Amazon Live
11:30 - 13:30
Attend  AUD-L7: Signal Enhancement and Restoration I On-Demand
Attend  BIO-L4: Biomedical Signal Processing On-Demand
Attend  IVMSP-L5: Image/Video Storage, and Retrieval On-Demand
Attend  MLSP-L4: Generative Adversarial Networks On-Demand
Attend  MLSP-L5: Neural Networks Applications I On-Demand
Attend  MLSP-L6: Sparsity Aware Processing and Learning On-Demand
Attend  SAM-L4: Learning Models and Methods for Multi-sensor Systems On-Demand
Attend  SPE-L12: Speech Separation and Extraction II: Multi-channel On-Demand
Attend  SS SS-L17: Model Based Deep Learning On-Demand
Attend  SS SS-L18: Anomaly Detection and Intent Inference in Object Tracking On-Demand
Attend  HLT-P3: Language Understanding and Modeling On-Demand
Attend  IOT-P1: Internet of Things On-Demand
Attend  MLSP-P11: Neural Networks and Pattern Recognition On-Demand
Attend  MLSP-P12: Applications in Video and Image Processing II On-Demand
Attend  MMSP-P2: Deep Learning for Multimedia Processing and Analysis I On-Demand
Attend  SPCOM-P3: MIMO and Multi-antenna Systems On-Demand
Attend  SPE-P12: Machine Learning for Speech Synthesis II On-Demand
Attend  SPE-P13: Speech Separation and Extraction III On-Demand
Attend  SPTM-P8: Signal Processing over Networks On-Demand
Attend  SPTM-P9: Estimation Theory and Methods II On-Demand
Attend  S&T-P7: Show and Tell 7 On-Demand
13:00 - 15:00
Student Job Fair On-Demand
13:45 - 14:45
Attend  ETON Primer Biosignal-based Spoken Communication (Tanja Schultz) Live followed by On-Demand
Attend  ETON Primer Call for a rain-check? New results and signal-processing challenges in opportunistic weather monitoring (Hagit Messer) Live followed by On-Demand
Attend  ETON Primer Quantum Information Processions: An Essential Primer (Emina Soljanin) Live followed by On-Demand
15:00 - 16:00
Attend  Plenary Multiantenna Precoding in Wireless Communication Systems (Björn Ottersten) Live followed by On-Demand
16:30 - 18:30
Attend  AUD-L8: Acoustic Sensor Array Signal Processing II On-Demand
Attend  CI-L2: Computational Optics On-Demand
Attend  COLL-L1: Session 3H: Processing of Highly complex, Heterogeneous, High-dimension data On-Demand
Attend  IDSP-L2: Industry Session on Large-Scale Distributed Learning Strategies On-Demand
Attend  MLSP-L7: Machine Learning Applications III On-Demand
Attend  MLSP-L8: Tensor-based Signal Processing On-Demand
Attend  SPE-L13: Speech Recognition: Representations and Embeddings On-Demand
Attend  SPE-L14: Speaker Recognition/Identification/Verification On-Demand
Attend  SS SS-L19: Hardware-Efficient Large-Scale Antenna Arrays: The Stage for Symbol-Level Precoding On-Demand
Attend  SS SS-L20: Sustainable Networking and Computing through Machine Learning On-Demand
Attend  SS SS-L21: Advances in Signal Processing for Environmental Studies On-Demand
Attend  BIO-P4: Physiological Signal Processing On-Demand
Attend  DIS-P2: Algorithm and Architecture Co-optimization On-Demand
Attend  HLT-P4: Machine Learning for Language Processing II On-Demand
Attend  IVMSP-P10: Inverse Problems in Image/Video Processing III On-Demand
Attend  IVMSP-P11: Image/Video Processing II On-Demand
Attend  IVMSP-P12: Perception and Quality Models On-Demand
Attend  MMSP-P3: Multimedia Signal Processing On-Demand
Attend  SPE-P14: Speech Production On-Demand
Attend  SPE-P15: Speech Recognition: Adaptation On-Demand
Attend  SS SS-P1: Signal Processing Education: Trends and Innovations On-Demand
Attend  S&T-P8: Show and Tell 8 On-Demand
17:30 - 18:30
Attend  Industry Keynote How Technical Standards Add Value: from Theory to Practice Live followed by On-Demand
Friday, 8 May
06:30 - 08:45
Attend  Workshop Amazon Workshop: Creating AI driven voice experiences with Alexa Conversations Live followed by On-Demand
08:00 - 10:00
Attend  COLL-L2: Session 3R: Robustness Reproducibility Replicability On-Demand
Attend  HLT-L2: Language Modeling On-Demand
Attend  IVMSP-L6: Image/Video Synthesis, Rendering and Visualization On-Demand
Attend  IVMSP-L7: Point Cloud and Depth Processing On-Demand
Attend  MLSP-L10: Deep Neural Network Structures On-Demand
Attend  MLSP-L9: Autoencoders On-Demand
Attend  MMSP-L1: Signal Processing for Multimedia Applications II On-Demand
Attend  SS SS-L22: Signal Processing for IoT On-Demand
Attend  SS SS-L23: Deep Graph Learning On-Demand
Attend  SS SS-L24: AMP and other Approximate Bayesian Inference Techniques On-Demand
Attend  AUD-P10: Music Signal Processing I On-Demand
Attend  BIO-P5: Bio Image and Signal Processing On-Demand
Attend  IFS-P1: Information Hiding, Biometrics and Security On-Demand
Attend  SAM-P5: Localisation and Tracking On-Demand
Attend  SAM-P6: Detection, Estimation and Classification On-Demand
Attend  SPCOM-P4: Design and Implementation of Communication Systems On-Demand
Attend  SPE-P16: Word Spotting On-Demand
Attend  SPE-P17: Speech Enhancement IV On-Demand
Attend  SPE-P18: Speaker Recognition Systems, Data and Features On-Demand
Attend  SPTM-P10: Detection and Classification On-Demand
Attend  Speaker Session ISS-3: Smart Sound and Voice Processing for the Digital Society On-Demand
09:15 - 09:45
Attend  Patron Break Huawei Innovation, 5G and Beyond Live
10:00 - 10:30
Attend  Patron Break Sony Job Fair Live
10:30 - 11:30
Attend  Plenary Conversational Systems and the Marriage of Speech and Language (Mari Ostendorf) Live followed by On-Demand
11:45 - 13:45
Attend  AUD-L9: Music Signal Processing II On-Demand
Attend  BIO-L5: Medical Image Analysis On-Demand
Attend  HLT-L3: Spoken Language Understanding and Dialogue II On-Demand
Attend  IVMSP-L8: Multi-scale and Wavelet Processing On-Demand
Attend  MMSP-L2: Deep Learning for Multimedia Processing and Analysis II On-Demand
Attend  SPE-L15: Emotion Recognition On-Demand
Attend  SPE-L16: Speaker Diarization On-Demand
Attend  SPTM-L7: Bayesian Signal Processing II On-Demand
Attend  SPTM-L8: Sparsity-Aware Processing II On-Demand
Attend  SS SS-L25: Advances in Low-Resolution Sampling and Signal Processing On-Demand
Attend  AUD-P11: Signal Enhancement and Restoration II On-Demand
Attend  DIS-P3: Design and Implementation of Signal Processing Systems for Wireless Communication Systems On-Demand
Attend  HLT-P5: Multilingual Processing of Language On-Demand
Attend  IFS-P2: Anonymization, Security and Privacy On-Demand
Attend  MLSP-P13: Neural Networks Applications II On-Demand
Attend  MLSP-P14: Topics in Machine Learning On-Demand
Attend  SPCOM-P5: Communication Signal Analysis and Optimization On-Demand
Attend  SPE-P19: Machine Learning for Speech Synthesis III On-Demand
Attend  SPE-P20: Speech Recognition: Acoustic Modelling II On-Demand
Attend  SS SS-P2: Unconventional Sensing On-Demand
Attend  S&T-P9: Show and Tell 9 On-Demand
14:00 - 17:00
Attend  Author Ethics and IEEE New Author Tools On-Demand
15:15 - 17:15
Attend  IVMSP-L10: Image/Video Processing III On-Demand
Attend  IVMSP-L9: Image/Video Coding II On-Demand
Attend  MLSP-L11: Attention Networks On-Demand
Attend  MLSP-L12: Sequential Learning On-Demand
Attend  SPCOM-L2: Channel Estimation On-Demand
Attend  SPE-L17: Paralinguistics Modeling On-Demand
Attend  SS SS-L26: Signal Processing for Beyond 5G Communications On-Demand
Attend  SS SS-L27: Signal Processing for Sensing, Information Fusion, and Situational Awareness in Autonomous Systems On-Demand
Attend  AUD-P12: Audio, Speech and Music Analysis On-Demand
Attend  BIO-P6: Biomedical Image Segmentation On-Demand
Attend  DIS-P4: Design and Implementation of Emerging Signal Processing Systems On-Demand
Attend  IDSP-P1: Emerging Signal Processing Applications On-Demand
Attend  IFS-P3: Multimedia Forensics and Biometrics On-Demand
Attend  MLSP-P15: Neural Network Algorithms On-Demand
Attend  MLSP-P16: Neural Networks Applications III On-Demand
Attend  SPE-P21: Voice Conversion On-Demand
Attend  SPE-P22: Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition and Search On-Demand
Attend  SPE-P23: Speech Recognition: General Topics On-Demand
16:00 - 17:00
Attend  ETON Primer Solving the Blockchain Trilemma (David Tse) Live followed by On-Demand
17:15 - 18:15
Attend  Panel Signal Processing for Extended Reality Live followed by On-Demand
18:30 - 19:30
Attend  SPS President's Town Hall and Award Ceremony Live followed by On-Demand