Virtual Technical Program

Note: All times are in Pacific Daylight Time (UTC -7)
Monday, October 31
08:00 - 09:00
Attend  A-1: mmWave and THz Virtual A
Attend  B-1: Multiuser and Massive MIMO I Virtual B
Attend  C-1: Graph Signal Processing I Virtual C
Attend  D-1: Estimation and Inference I Virtual D
Attend  E-1: Direction-of-Arrival Estimation Virtual E
Attend  F-1: Medical Imaging I Virtual F
Attend  G-1: Computer Arithmetic and Algorithms Virtual G
Attend  H-1: Biometrics (invited) Virtual H
Attend  A-2: Information Bottleneck (invited) Virtual I
Attend  B-2: Machine Learning for the Physical Layer (invited) Virtual J
09:30 - 10:30
Attend  A-3: Physical Layer Virtual A
Attend  B-3: Multiuser and Massive MIMO II Virtual B
Attend  C-2: Graph Signal Processing II Virtual C
Attend  D-2: Estimation and Inference II Virtual D
Attend  E-2: Source Localization and Separation I Virtual E
Attend  F-2: Medical Imaging II Virtual F
Attend  G-2: Improving the Efficiency of Neural Network Hardware: Devices, Circuits, Algorithms and Applications (invited) Virtual G
Attend  H-2: Computer Vision, Image and Video Analysis Virtual H
Attend  C-3: Graph Neural Networks (invited) Virtual I
Attend  D-3: Adaptive Filtering Virtual J
11:00 - 12:00
Attend  A-4: Coding for 6G (invited) Virtual A
Attend  B-4: Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces (invited) Virtual B
Attend  C-4: Federated and Nested Learning (invited) Virtual C
Attend  D-4: Estimation and Inference III Virtual D
Attend  E-3: Source Localization and Separation II Virtual E
Attend  F-3: Signal/Image Processing for Physiological Signals (invited) Virtual F
Attend  E-4: Sparsity-based Array Design and Processing (invited) Virtual G
Attend  E-5: Wideband Synthetic Aperture Processing and Applications (invited) Virtual H
Attend  D-5: Deep Learning for Inverse Problems (invited) Virtual I
Attend  D-6: Statistical Aspects of Reinforcement Learning (invited) Virtual J
Tuesday, November 1
08:00 - 09:00
Attend  A-5: Cognitive Radios and Satellite Communication Virtual A
Attend  B-5: Channel Estimation and Equalization Virtual B
Attend  C-5: Wireless Networks Virtual C
Attend  D-7: Machine Learning I Virtual D
Attend  E-6: Array Processing for Radar Applications Virtual E
Attend  F-4: Neural Signal Processing Virtual F
Attend  G-3: VLSI for 5G/B5G Communications Systems (invited) Virtual G
Attend  H-3: Image, Video, and Speech Processing Virtual H
Attend  A-6: Sub-Terahertz Communication for 6G (invited) Virtual I
Attend  B-6: Massive Random Access (invited) Virtual J
09:30 - 10:30
Attend  A-7: Modulation and Coding Virtual A
Attend  B-7: Cell-Free Systems Virtual B
Attend  C-6: Distributed Algorithms Virtual C
Attend  D-8: Machine Learning II Virtual D
Attend  E-7: Imaging, Radar, Sonar, Microphone Arrays Virtual E
Attend  F-5: Brain-Inspired Artificial Intelligence (invited) Virtual F
Attend  G-4: Cyber-Physical Systems Virtual G
Attend  H-4: Geometric Deep Learning (invited) Virtual H
Attend  C-7: Learning Over Graphs (invited) Virtual I
Attend  D-9: Compressive Sensing Virtual J
11:00 - 12:00
Attend  A-8: Satellite Communications (invited) Virtual A
Attend  B-8: Integrated Sensing and Communication (invited) Virtual B
Attend  C-8: Data Analysis in Higher-order Networks (invited) Virtual C
Attend  D-10: Machine Learning III Virtual D
Attend  E-8: Sensor Arrays Virtual E
Attend  F-6: Medical Cyber-Physical Systems (MCPS) (invited) Virtual F
Attend  E-9: Sensing and Learning for Inverse Problems (invited) Virtual G
Attend  E-10: Advances in Tensor Methods and Array Signal Processing (invited) Virtual H
Attend  D-11: Modern Methods in Statistical Estimation and Inference (invited) Virtual I
Attend  D-12: Learning Meets Control (invited) Virtual J
Wednesday, November 2
08:00 - 09:00
Attend  A-9: Intelligent Low-latency Communications in 6G (invited) Virtual A
Attend  B-9: Advances In mmWave and THz Communication Virtual B
Attend  C-9: Optimization for Networks Virtual C
Attend  D-13: Models for High-Dimensional Large-Scale Data Virtual D
Attend  E-11: MIMO and Cognitive Radars Virtual E
Attend  F-7: Signal Processing and Systems for Radar-Based Vital Sign Monitoring (invited) Virtual F
Attend  G-5: Recent Advances in Neuromorphic Computing (invited) Virtual G
Attend  H-5: Federated Learning (invited) Virtual H
Attend  C-10: Machine Learning for Wireless Communications and Networking (invited) Virtual I
Attend  B-10: Channel Charting (invited) Virtual J
09:30 - 10:30
Attend  A-10: 5G and Beyond Virtual A
Attend  B-11: Optimization Techniques for Communications Virtual B
Attend  C-11: Information Theory and Social Networks Virtual C
Attend  D-14: Supervised and Self-Supervised Learning Virtual D
Attend  E-12: Robust Methods Virtual E
Attend  F-8: Biomedical Signal Processing Virtual F
Attend  E-13: Advances in Angle-Finding and Localization for Automotive Radar (invited) Virtual G
Attend  H-6: Computer Vision (invited) Virtual H
Attend  D-15: Recent Advances in the Theory and Applications of Optimal Transport (invited) Virtual I
Attend  D-16: Data Science and Machine Learning for Genomics (invited) Virtual J
11:00 - 12:00
Attend  A-11: Simultaneous Transmit-Receive Systems (invited) Virtual A
Attend  B-12: Decentralized Baseband Processing (invited) Virtual B
Attend  C-12: Online Optimization of Networks and Dynamical Systems (invited) Virtual C
Attend  D-17: Fast and Scalable Algorithms in Machine Learning Virtual D
Attend  E-14: Beamforming Virtual E
Attend  E-15: Deep Learning Based Computational Imaging (invited) Virtual F