Upload of Presentation Video, Slides and other Media

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This is the portal for authors of accepted papers to upload media representing the virtual presentation at the conference. Authors may upload files in the types described in the table below.

Only ONE file of each type may be uploaded. New uploads will REPLACE existing uploads of the same type.

Authors will be required to electronically sign a Consent and Release statmement, which grants the conference the permission to receive, display, and archive the media files uploaded for use during the virtual conference.

Type Description Required
Video Presentation An MP4 video of 5 to 15 minutes, of your presentation. Please read the Video Preparation Instructions for more detailed formatting requirements. Required
Text Transcription A text transcription of your video presentation, following the WebVTT format. If provided, this will be used to enable the closed-caption feature in the video playback. Create a WebVTT file at https://www.vtt-creator.com/ Optional
Slides A PDF file containing your presentation slides or notes. Optional
Photograph A single photograph of the presenter or authors. Dimensions should be no larger than 1024 pixels in either height or width, and should be in PNG or JPEG format only. Optional

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