ICIP 2023 Paper Review Categories

* indicates that this line can be assigned as a paper's topic.
1:Biomedical Signal Processing
 1.1*:Brain/human-computer interfaces
 1.2*:Biological imaging
 1.3*:Biological image analysis
 1.4*:Medical image analysis
 1.5*:COVID-related image processing
3:Multidimensional Signal Processing
 3.1*:Algorithms and multidimensional transforms
 3.2*:Signal and system modeling and identification
 3.3*:Spectral estimation
 3.4*:Applications of multidimensional signal processing
4:Applications of Machine Learning
 4.1*:Machine learning for biomedical signal and image processing
 4.2*:Machine learning for multidimensional signal processing
 4.3*:Machine learning for image & video sensing, modeling, and representation
 4.4*:Machine learning for image processing
 4.5*:Machine learning for image and video communications
 4.6*:Machine learning for electronic imaging
 4.7*:Machine learning for image & video analysis, synthesis, and retrieval
 4.8*:Machine learning for information forensics and security
 4.9*:Machine Learning for 3D Image and Video Processing
 4.10*:Machine learning for computational imaging
5:Imaging and Media Applications
 5.1*:Image and video processing over networks
 5.2*:Media cloud computing and communication
 5.3*:Multimedia streaming and transport
 5.4*:Wireless/mobile multimedia
6:Image and Video Sensing, Modeling, and Representation
 6.1*:Image & video sensing and acquisition
 6.2*:Statistical-model based methods
 6.3*:Structural-model based methods
 6.4*:Image & video representation
 6.5*:Perception and quality models for images & video
7:Image and Video Processing
 7.1*:Linear and nonlinear filtering of images & video
 7.2*:Restoration and enhancement
 7.3*:Interpolation, super-resolution, and mosaicing
 7.4*:Partial differential equation based processing of images & video
 7.5*:Multiresolution processing of images & Video
 7.6*:Formation and reconstruction
8:Image and Video Communications
 8.1*:Lossy coding of images & video
 8.2*:Lossless coding of images & video
 8.3*:Error resilience and channel coding for image & video systems
 8.4*:Imaging & video networks
 8.5*:Image & video multimedia communications
9:Electronic Imaging
 9.1*:Image scanning and capture
 9.2*:Color and multispectral imaging
 9.3*:Printing and halftoning
 9.4*:Scanned document analysis, processing, and coding
 9.5*:Hardware and software systems for image & video processing
10:Image and Video Analysis, Synthesis, and Retrieval
 10.1*:Image & Video Mid-Level Analysis
 10.2*:Image & Video Interpretation and Understanding
 10.3*:Image & Video Biometric Analysis
 10.4*:Image & Video Storage and Retrieval
 10.5*:Image & Video Synthesis, Rendering, and Visualization
11:Computational Imaging Methods and Models
 11.1*:Coded Image Sensing
 11.2*:Compressed Sensing
 11.3*:Statistical Image Models
 11.4*:Sparse and Low Rank Models
 11.5*:Graphical Image Models
 11.6*:Learning-Based Models
 11.7*:Perceptual Image Models
 11.8*:Multi-image & sensor fusion
13:Computational Imaging Systems
 13.1*:Medical imaging: image formation, reconstruction, restoration
 13.2*:Computational Photography
 13.3*:Mobile Imaging
 13.4*:Pervasive Imaging
 13.5*:Human Centric Computing
 13.6*:Microscopic Imaging
 13.7*:Spectral Sensing
 13.8*:Tomographic Imaging
 13.9*:Magnetic resonance imaging
 13.10*:Acoustic Imaging: Computational acoustic and ultrasound imaging
 13.11*:Radar Imaging
 13.12*:Novel Computational Imaging Systems
 13.13*:Non-Linear Computational Imaging Systems
 13.14*:High-performance embedded computing systems
 13.15*:Big Data Computational Imaging: High performance computing
 13.16*:Integrated Hardware/Digital Design
 13.17*:Non-traditional Sensor Systems
15:Information Forensics and Security
 15.2*:Multimedia forensics
 15.3*:Multimedia content hash
 15.5*:Watermarking and data hiding
16:Three-Dimensional Image and Video Processing
 16.1*:Light-field Image Processing and Compression
 16.2*:3D Image and Video Analysis and Compression
 16.3*:3D video signal processing
 16.4*:Stereoscopic and multiview processing and display
 16.5*:Point cloud processing
 16.6*:Image and video processing augmented and virtual reality