Technical Program Description

Tutorials (ON-DEMAND and LIVE) Tutorial

ICIP 2020 is proud to present 14 timely and highly relevant tutorials. Tutorial materials will be available on-demand to the attendees starting on October 16, 2020. A Chat room will be dedicated to every tutorial for comments and questions by attendees to the tutorial speakers. Tutorials will go live on Sunday, October 25, 2020 as scheduled in the Technical Program. During the allocated time slot, the pre-recorded video presentations will be streamed live followed by live Q&A. Check the Technical Program for more details about the tutorials and the schedule.

Plenaries (LIVE) Plenary

ICIP 2020 is pleased to present three plenaries by top notch scholars in the field, one plenary each day of the conference (Monday-Tuesday and Wednesday). All plenaries will be presented as live streams followed by a live Q&A. Check the Technical Program for the scheduled plenaries.

Special Sessions (LIVE) SS

Special sessions are scheduled during the Conference days and conducted LIVE at ICIP 2020. Papers in a special session are presented at the scheduled day/time by their authors as streamed (pre-recorded) video followed by a live Q&A. Please check the Technical Program for the exact date and time for your special session. The Special Session Chairs and all presenters and authors are expected to attend the live session. Just like in a real physical conference, the papers are presented in the order they appear in the session schedule and each presentation is followed by a 5-min Q&A. Attendees can make comments/questions both live during the 5-min Q&A or offline in the Chat. The Session Chairs will ensure that all questions are answered by the presenters. The zoom session will promptly end at the scheduled time to allow for the next live session to begin. The special session will be recorded and archived right away for later viewing.

Regular Sessions (ON-DEMAND and LIVE Q&A) Q&A

Video presentations for regular papers will be available as on-demand pre-recorded video. Attendees should view video presentations before attending respective LIVE Q&A sessions. Pre-recorded video presentations will be made available on demand starting on October 16, 2020 throughout the conference. Attendees will be able to view the presentations and are encouraged to make comments and questions to the authors in Chat. During the conference, presenting authors of all accepted regular papers are expected to attend their scheduled LIVE Q&A session where the Session Chair will present a 5-min summary of the papers in the session and conducts the Q&A session (the papers will NOT be presented by the authors in this LIVE session). The date and time for each LIVE Q&A session are included in the Technical Program. Session Chairs will monitor the Chat to make sure authors respond within a reasonable time (24 hours). Timing of the LIVE Q&A sessions is strict, so session chairs should observe the starting and end times of their session. The zoom session will promptly end at the scheduled time to allow for the next LIVE session to begin. The LIVE Q&A session will be recorded and archived right away for later viewing.