PROGRESS @ ICIP 2020 Application

This is a free workshop. You do not need to be IEEE or SPS member in order to apply. Also, you do not need to have decided that you want to pursue academia.

A nomination will include the following materials:

  • The candidate’s CV
  • Recommended, but not required A statement by the candidate describing their experience, career plans, and potential interest in a postdoc or faculty position.

Although priority will be given to candidates who attend ICASSP/ICIP, others will also be able to attend, as long as their research is in signal processing. Student participants will be asked to consent in participating in follow up surveys, and in providing information on their career path. This information will be analyzed by SPS to assess the effectiveness of the project.

  • The requirement for an application statement has been relaxed; a statement is recommended but not required for somebody to be considered.
  • Undergraduate students are welcome to apply.

Online Application Process

The deadline for submitting an application is 20 October 2020

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