Technical Program

Note: All times are in Pacific Daylight Time (UTC -7)

F1: In-Person Posters II

Session Type: Poster
Time: Monday, October 31, 13:30 - 15:00
Location: Fred Farr
F1.1: An Intrinsic McAulay-Seidman Bound for Parameters Evolving on Matrix Lie Groups
         Samy Labsir; ISAE-SUPAERO
         Daniel Medina; Institute of Communication and Navigation German Aerospace Center (DLR)
         Jordi VilĂ -Valls; ISAE-SUPAERO
         Eric Chaumette; ISAE-SUPAERO
F1.2: OPeRA: Leveraging the Sample Size and Complexity Trade-Off Towards Efficient One-Bit Phase Retrieval
         Arian Eamaz; University of Illinois Chicago
         Farhang Yeganegi; University of Illinois Chicago
         Mojtaba Soltanalian; University of Illinois Chicago
F1.3: Efficient Probability Mass Function Estimation from Partially Observed Data
         Joseph Chege; Ilmenau University of Technology
         Mikus Grasis; Ilmenau University of Technology
         Alla Manina; Ilmenau University of Technology
         Arie Yeredor; Tel Aviv University
         Martin Haardt; Ilmenau University of Technology
F1.4: Neural Network Based Tracking of Maneuvering Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
         Priyanka Sinha; North Carolina State University
         Hamid Krim; North Carolina State University
         Ismail Guvenc; North Carolina State University
F1.5: Joint Signal Estimation and Nonlinear Topology Identification from Noisy Data with Missing Entries
         Kevin Roy; University of Agder
         Luis Miguel Lopez-Ramos; University of Agder
         Baltasar Beferull-Lozano; University of Agder
F1.6: Coordinate-Based Multi-Layer Perceptrons as Deep Image Priors
         Reinhard Heckel; Technical University of Munich
         Yundi Zhang; Technical University of Munich
F1.7: Imaging Through Turbulence with GANs
         Brandon Y. Feng; University of Maryland, College Park
         Mingyang Xie; University of Maryland, College Park
         Christopher Metzler; University of Maryland, College Park
F1.8: A Regularized Conditional GAN for Posterior Sampling in MRI Image Recovery
         Matt Bendel; Ohio State
         Rizwan Ahmad; Ohio State
         Philip Schniter; Ohio State
F1.9: Hybrid Convolutional Beamspace for DOA Estimation of Millimeter Wave Sources
         Po-Chih Chen; California Institute of Technology
         P. P. Vaidyanathan; California Institute of Technology
F1.10: Rational Arrays for DOA Estimation: New Insights and Performance Evaluation
         Pranav Kulkarni; California Institute of Technology
         P. P. Vaidyanathan; California Institute of Technology
F1.11: Deep Unfolded Multi-Group Multicast Beamforming
         Jan Jonas Brune; Fraunhofer HHI / TU Berlin
         Jochen Fink; Fraunhofer HHI / TU Berlin
         Slawomir Stanczak; Fraunhofer HHI / TU Berlin