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LINE has positioned the AI business as one of its strategic targets. In order to accelerate the R&D of AI technology and the development of businesses that utilize it, we are collaborating with NAVER to create new AI-related services and functions, and also focusing on the basic research of the technology that supports them.

The teams in charge of basic research, AI technology development, machine learning, data analysis, and data infrastructure development are collaborating across businesses and organizations to speed up the cycle of research, development, and commercialization.

In basic research, we are focusing on speech processing, language processing, image processing, and machine learning. In the field of speech and acoustic signal processing, we have been conducting research on high-speed and high-quality speech synthesis technology using GPU called Parallel Wave Gan, sound source separation technology to improve speech quality and speech recognition rate by separating various mixed sounds into their own sounds, and environmental sound discrimination technology to automatically detect and recognize a wide variety of sounds that occur around us by machines.

We are ready to collaborate with many universities in Japan to conduct joint research on our research themes. In the future, we are also considering collaboration with overseas research institutions. In addition, we have a relaxing office environment where we can immerse ourselves in R&D, and we frequently hold events to which we invite leading experts in the AI field from inside and outside the company.

If you are highly motivated and want to dive into a stimulating research environment, please come and join us!