ICIP 2020 Paper Review Categories

* indicates that this line can be assigned as a paper's topic.

1:[MDS] Multidimensional Signal Processing
 1.1*:[MDS-ALGO] Algorithms and Multidimensional Transforms
 1.2*:[MDS-SMOD] Signal and System Modeling and Identification
 1.3*:[MDS-SPEC] Spectral Estimation
 1.4*:[MDS-APPL] Applications of Multidimensional Signal Processing
2:[SMR] Image & Video Sensing, Modeling, and Representation
 2.1*:[SMR-SEN] Image & Video Sensing and Acquisition
 2.2*:[CIF] Computational Image Formation and Reconstruction
 2.3*:[CIF-MLI] Machine Learning-based Computational Image Formation
 2.4*:[BIO-BI] Biological Imaging
 2.5*:[BIO-BCI] Brain/Human-Computer Interfaces
 2.6*:[SMR-REP] Image & Video Representation
 2.7*:[SMR-HPM] Perception and Quality Models for Images & Video
3:[TEC] Image & Video Processing Techniques
 3.1*:[TEC-FOR] Formation and Reconstruction
 3.2*:[TEC-RST] Restoration and Enhancement
 3.3*:[TEC-ISR] Interpolation, Super-Resolution, and Mosaicing
 3.4*:[TEC-PDE] Partial Differential Equation Based Processing of Images & Video
 3.5*:[TEC-MRS] Multiresolution Processing of Images & Video
 3.6*:[TEC-BIP] Biomedical and Biological Image Processing
 3.7*:[TEC-MLI] Machine Learning for Image and Video Processing
4:[COM] Image and Video Communications and Networks
 4.1*:[COM-LLC] Lossless Coding of Images & Video
 4.2*:[COM-LOC] Lossy Coding of Images & Video
 4.3*:[MLR-APPL] Machine Learning for Image and Video Compression
 4.4*:[COM-ERC] Error Resilience and Channel Coding for Image & Video Systems
 4.5*:[IMA-WMM] Wireless/Mobile Multimedia
 4.6*:[COM-MMC] Image & Video Communications
 4.7*:[COM-NET] Image & Video Networks and Streaming
 4.8*:[IMA-MCCC] Media Cloud Computing and Communication
 4.9*:[IMA-SPCPS] Social Media Computing and Networking
 4.10*:[COM-WSE] Image & Video Processing for Watermarking and Security
5:[ARS] Image & Video Analysis, Synthesis, and Retrieval
 5.1*:[ARS-IVA] Image & Video Mid-Level Analysis
 5.2*:[ARS-IIU] Image & Video Interpretation and Understanding
 5.3*:[ARS-BIM] Image & Video Biometric Analysis
 5.4*:[TEC-BIP] Biomedical and Biological Image Analysis
 5.5*:[ARS-SRE] Image & Video Storage and Retrieval
 5.6*:[ARS-SRV] Image & Video Synthesis, Rendering, and Visualization
 5.7*:[MLR-APPL] Machine Learning for Image and Video Analysis and Retrieval
 5.8*:[MLR-APPL-CL Machine Learning for Image and Video Classification
 5.9*:[MLR-APPL-OD Machine Learning for Object Detection
 5.10*:[MLR-APPL-R Machine Learning for Recognition in Images and Videos
 5.11*:[MLR-APPL-OT Machine Learning for Object Tracking
 5.12*:[MLR-APPL-EX Explainable Machine Learning for Computer Vision
 5.13*:[MLR-APPL-GR Graph Signal Processing for Image and Video Analysis
6:[ELI] Electronic Imaging
 6.1*:[ELI-SDP] Image Scanning and Capture
 6.2*:[ELI-COL] Color and Multispectral Imaging
 6.3*:[ELI-PRT] Printing and Halftoning
 6.4*:[ELI-DOC] Scanned Document Analysis, Processing, and Coding
 6.5*:[MLR-APPL] Machine Learning in Electronic Imaging and Document Processing
7:[3D] Three-Dimensional Image and Video Processing
 7.1*:[3D-STE] Stereoscopic and Multiview Processing and Display
 7.2*:[3D-LFI] Light-Field Image Processing and Compression
 7.3*:[3D-PCP] Point Cloud Processing and Compression
 7.4*:[3D-VID] 3D Image and Video Analysis and Compression
 7.5*:[3D-AVR] Image and Video Processing Augmented and Virtual Reality
 7.6*:[3D-HDW] Hardware and Software Systems for Image & Video Processing
 7.7*:[3D-ML] Machine Learning in 3D Image and Video Processing
8:[IMT] Computational Imaging Methods and Models
 8.1*:[IMT-CIS] Coded Image Sensing
 8.2*:[IMT-CST] Compressed Sensing
 8.3*:[IMT-SIM] Statistical Image Models
 8.4*:[IMT-SLM] Sparse and Low Rank Models
 8.5*:[IMT-GIM] Graphical Image Models for Computational Imaging
 8.6*:[IMT-LBM] Learning-Based Models for Computational Imaging
 8.7*:[IMT-PIM] Perceptual Image Models for Computational Imaging
9:[CIS] Computational Imaging Systems and Analysis
 9.1*:[CIS-MI] Medical Imaging: Image Formation, Reconstruction, Restoration
 9.2*:[ANA] Computational Images Analysis
 9.3*:[IMT-LBM] Machine Learning for Computational Images
 9.4*:[CIS-CPH] Computational Photography
 9.5*:[CIS-MIS] Mobile Imaging
 9.6*:[CIS-PIS] Pervasive Imaging
 9.7*:[CIS-HCC] Human Centric Computing
 9.8*:[CIS-MCI] Microscopic Imaging
 9.9*:[CIS-SSI] Spectral Sensing
 9.10*:[CIS-TIM] Tomographic Imaging
 9.11*:[CIS-MRI] Magnetic Resonance Imaging
 9.12*:[CIS-AIM] Acoustic Imaging: Computational Acoustic and Ultrasound Imaging
 9.13*:[CIS-RIM] Radar Imaging
 9.14*:[CIS-NCI] Novel Computational Imaging Systems
 9.15*:[CIS-NLC] Non-Linear Computational Imaging Systems
10:[HSS] Imaging Hardware and Software
 10.1*:[HSS-HPC] High-Performance Embedded Computing Systems
 10.2*:[HSS-BDC] Big Data Computational Imaging: High Performance Computing
 10.3*:[HSS-HDD] Integrated Hardware/Digital Design
 10.4*:[HSS-NSS] Non-Traditional Sensor Systems
11:5-Minute Video Clip Contest (5-MICC)
12:3 Minute Thesis Competition
 12.1*:3 Minute Thesis Competition
 13.1*:PROGRESS @ ICIP 2020