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Monday, September 23
10:30 - 12:18
MA.L1: Action Recognition Room 102 (1F)
MA.L2: Facial Expression Recognition Room 103 (1F)
MA.L3: Object Detection Room 105 (1F)
MA.L4: Image & Video Forensics Room 201A (2F)
MA.L5: Visual Communications I Room 201F (2F)
Special Session MA.L6: Special Session - Internet of Video Things for Humanity Room 201BC (2F)
MA.L7: Image Filtering Room 201DE (2F)
MA.L8: Biomedical Image Classification South Lounge (3F)
MA.L9: Biomedical Image Segmentation I North Lounge (3F)
MA.PA: Image & Video Labeling and Retrieval Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area A
MA.PB: 3-D Reconstruction Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area B
MA.PC: Convolutional Neural Networks Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area C
MA.PD: Image & Video Classification Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area D
MA.PE: Perception and Quality Models I Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area E
MA.PF: Stereoscopic & 3D Processing Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area F
MA.PG: Synthesis and Rendering I Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area G
MA.PH: Image Classification I Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area H
14:10 - 15:58
MP.L1: Human Pose Estimation Room 102 (1F)
MP.L2: AI for Image & Video Understanding I Room 103 (1F)
MP.L3: Image Classification II Room 105 (1F)
MP.L4: Information Forensics & Security I Room 201A (2F)
Special Session MP.L5: Special Session - Deep Neural Network Based Image/Video Compression Room 201F (2F)
MP.L6: Synthesis and Rendering II Room 201BC (2F)
MP.L7: Image Restoration Room 201DE (2F)
MP.L8: Medical Image Analysis South Lounge (3F)
MP.L9: Biomedical Image Segmentation II North Lounge (3F)
MP.PA: Indexing and Retrieval Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area A
MP.PB: Neural and Deep Networks Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area B
MP.PC: Image Enhancement Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area C
MP.PD: Scene Analysis Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area D
MP.PE: Perception and Quality Models II Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area E
MP.PF: Light-Field Image Processing Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area F
MP.PG: Compression Standards I Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area G
MP.PH: Image Denoising & Smoothing Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area H
16:30 - 18:18
MQ.L4: Biometric Analysis I Room 201A (2F)
Special Session MQ.L5: Special Session - Video Compression Techniques toward Next Generation Video Coding Standard Room 201F (2F)
MQ.L6: Person Re-Identification I Room 201BC (2F)
MQ.L7: Image Reconstruction Room 201DE (2F)
MQ.L8: Optical Flow & Motion Estimation South Lounge (3F)
MQ.L9: Image Registration & Matching North Lounge (3F)
MQ.PA: Biomedical Image Processing I Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area A
MQ.PB: Biomedical Image Processing II Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area B
MQ.PC: Image Segmentation I Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area C
MQ.PD: Image Segmentation II Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area D
MQ.PE: Image Segmentation III Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area E
MQ.PF: Image Segmentation IV Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area F
MQ.PG: Clustering & Classification Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area G
MQ.PH: Journal Presentations I Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area H
Tuesday, September 24
10:30 - 12:18
TA.L1: Content Summarization and Semantic Analysis Room 102 (1F)
TA.L2: Deep Learning Room 103 (1F)
TA.L3: Pedestrian Detection Room 105 (1F)
TA.L4: Biometric Analysis II Room 201A (2F)
TA.L5: Machine Learning-Based Compression I Room 201F (2F)
Special Session TA.L6: Special Session - Novel Approaches for Image & Video Quality Assessment Room 201BC (2F)
Special Session TA.L7: Special Session - 3D Visual Data Acquisition and Processing from 2D Images Room 201DE (2F)
TA.L8: Denoising I South Lounge (3F)
TA.L9: Semantic Segmentation I North Lounge (3F)
TA.PA: AI for Image & Video Understanding II Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area A
TA.PB: AI for Image & Video Understanding III Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area B
TA.PC: Content Interpretation and Understanding I Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area C
TA.PD: Content Interpretation and Understanding II Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area D
TA.PE: Representation and Modeling II Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area E
TA.PF: Compressive Sensing & Imaging Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area F
TA.PG: Machine learning for image processing and analysis Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area G
TA.PH: Image Upsampling & Classification Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area H
14:10 - 15:58
TP.L1: Object Detection and Tracking I Room 102 (1F)
TP.L2: Hashing Room 103 (1F)
TP.L3: Person Re-Identification II Room 105 (1F)
Special Session TP.L4: Special Session - Artificial Intelligence for Multimedia Security Applications Room 201A (2F)
TP.L5: Representation and Modeling I Room 201F (2F)
TP.L6: Perception and Quality Models III Room 201BC (2F)
Special Session TP.L7: Special Session - 3D Visual Representation and Understanding Room 201DE (2F)
TP.L8: Denoising II South Lounge (3F)
TP.L9: Semantic Segmentation II North Lounge (3F)
TP.PA: Industry Showcase Demos Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area A
TP.PB: Object Recognition and Classification I Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area B
TP.PC: Object Recognition and Classification II Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area C
TP.PD: Pose Estimation Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area D
TP.PE: Biometric Analysis III Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area E
TP.PF: Computational Imaging I Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area F
TP.PG: Machine Learning-Based Compression II Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area G
TP.PH: Image/Video Processing & Analysis Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area H
16:30 - 18:18
TQ.PA: Dehazing & Deraining I Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area A
TQ.PB: Dehazing & Deraining II Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area B
TQ.PC: Super-resolution I Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area C
TQ.PD: Super-resolution II Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area D
TQ.PE: Computational Imaging II Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area E
TQ.PF: Object Detection & Retrieval I Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area F
TQ.PG: Object Detection & Retrieval II Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area G
TQ.PH: 3 Minute Thesis Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area H
Wednesday, September 25
10:30 - 12:18
WA.L1: Object Recognition and Classification III Room 102 (1F)
WA.L2: Visual Tracking Room 103 (1F)
WA.L3: Vehicle Detection and Identification Room 105 (1F)
WA.L4: Multispectral & Hyperspectral Image Processing Room 201A (2F)
WA.L5: Compression Standards II Room 201F (2F)
Special Session WA.L6: Special Session - Quality of Experience Assessment for Future Multimedia Systems Room 201BC (2F)
Special Session WA.L7: Special Session - Deep Learning-Enabled Multimedia Big Data Analytics with Applications Room 201DE (2F)
WA.L8: Image Colorization and Color Correction South Lounge (3F)
WA.L9: Face Analysis & Recognition I North Lounge (3F)
WA.PA: AI for Image & Video Understanding IV Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area A
WA.PB: AI for Image & Video Understanding V Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area B
WA.PC: Object Recognition and Classification IV Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area C
WA.PD: Object Recognition and Classification V Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area D
WA.PE: Face and gesture biometrics Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area E
WA.PF: Sensing and Acquisition II Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area F
WA.PG: Visual Communications II Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area G
WA.PH: Defect Removal Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area H
14:10 - 15:58
WP.L1: Object Recognition and Classification VI Room 102 (1F)
WP.L2: Zero-Shot Learning Room 103 (1F)
WP.L3: Video Action and Event Analysis I Room 105 (1F)
WP.L4: Point Cloud Image Processing Room 201A (2F)
Special Session WP.L5: Special Session - Recent Advances in Immersive Imaging Technologies I Room 201F (2F)
WP.L6: Perception and Quality Models IV Room 201BC (2F)
Special Session WP.L7: Special Session - Explainable Machine Learning for Image Processing Room 201DE (2F)
WP.L8: Efficient CNNs for Image Analysis South Lounge (3F)
WP.L9: Face Analysis & Recognition II North Lounge (3F)
WP.PA: Object Detection and Tracking II Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area A
WP.PB: Object Detection and Tracking III Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area B
WP.PC: Object Detection and Tracking IV Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area C
WP.PD: Video Action and Event Analysis II Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area D
WP.PE: Information Forensics & Security II Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area E
WP.PF: Sensing, Representation, and Display Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area F
WP.PG: Compression Standards III Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area G
WP.PH: Hardware & Softwares Systems for Image Processing Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area H
16:30 - 18:18
WQ.L1: Video Frame Interpolation & Prediction Room 102 (1F)
WQ.L2: Shape Model and Analysis Room 103 (1F)
WQ.L3: Learning-Based Image & Video Analysis I Room 105 (1F)
WQ.L4: Stereo Matching & Depth Estimation Room 201A (2F)
Special Session WQ.L5: Special Session - Recent Advances in Immersive Imaging Technologies II Room 201F (2F)
WQ.L6: Sensing and Acquisition I Room 201BC (2F)
Special Session WQ.L7: Special Session - Graph Spectral Processing of 3D Point Cloud Data Room 201DE (2F)
WQ.L8: Texture Representation & Analysis South Lounge (3F)
WQ.L9: Facial Image Synthesis North Lounge (3F)
WQ.PA: Journal Presentations II Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area A
WQ.PB: Learning-Based Image & Video Analysis II Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area B
WQ.PC: Learning-Based Image & Video Analysis III Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area C
WQ.PD: Vision-Based Analysis Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area D
WQ.PE: Information Forensics & Security III Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area E
WQ.PF: Computational Imaging System Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area F
WQ.PG: Computational Photography Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area G
WQ.PH: Image Generation & Synthesis Room 101 (1F) - Poster Area H