APSIPA 2020 Paper Submission

Please complete the following fields carefully. The data that you enter here will be used in the published conference proceedings, so be certain that the data is accurate. These fields are required.

Paper Title

Title should be in ALL CAPS and should EXACTLY match the paper submitted. Avoid using LaTeX codes in the paper title; all elements in the title should be representable in a Unicode font.

Make sure the full title is entered; beware of line breaks when pasting from a PDF file.

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Special Session Name

Special Session Name

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Presentation Type

Presentation Type

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Important Information

Authors should be aware:

  1. All accepted papers must be accompanied by at least one full-rate registration.
  2. Papers that are not presented at APSIPA 2020 by an author will not be published either in the final proceedings for the conference or in IEEE Xplore.